Cursive No longer Being Taught in Schools
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Cursive No longer Being Taught in Schools

Cursive writing is penmanship that uses a joining of words together in an artistic manner. There are varying forms of the curvature of letters as well as words. This has caused a variation in the types of writings slanting to the left or the right. No standard can be said to define cursives. Although the style of writing is similar among pupils during its teaching in schools, it changes as each individual eventually adopts their own personalized style. It is a personalized style that caused it to be banned as it proved difficult for teachers to keep up with.

In addition, there were complaints regarding the eligibility of the writing in government-filled forms such as tax returns. These tax returns had to be returned to the senders who used cursives as their entries were not legible. The purpose of such a style of writing was to improve mental abilities, allowing concentration during dictation and note-taking. The main reason such a style was introduced was that research had found that it improved children’s mental capacity and learning abilities. That is because that requires concentration while enhancing the ability of the mental faculties regarding academic activities. Therefore, it was initially made compulsory in the United States as well as other countries.

There are several reasons why schools

However, its use has declined, with the advancement of technology use in schools. There is phasing down of writing in schools with replacement of typing skills which are more relevant today. This has made cursive writing to be an option instead of compulsory. For these reasons, there was a decision to ban it, although some states are now reintroducing it.

There are several reasons why schools have stopped teaching that type of writing. Most of these reasons are based on the response or feedback given by the teachers who taught the art. Feedback indicated that teachers felt that this writing took much of their time during instructional classes to students. In addition, some students are quick to catch onto the work while others are slow. Further, time was spent when marking the assignments as well as worksheets for the pupils. This also led to their decision to stop this art as a result of low productiveness. There are variations in how the writing is understood and executed by students, leading to complex styles taking time for the teachers to get used to.

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Handwritten documents are becoming less popular in schools due to modern technology. Many schools are now using computers as well as other gadgets to conduct writing which is now digital. This has proved to be more efficient than the use of pen and paper to write the cursive. In addition, cursive was mainly introduced or promoted because it was thought to enhance mental capacity, which is true. Fortunately, there are other methods, such as the use of computer gadgets to enhance brain capacity.

There has been negative feedback from the government authorities when they receive handwritten documents in cursive. For instance, tax returns are illegible due to excessive use of cursives, leading to their return to the sender. This type of feedback has led to the teachers concluding that it is pointless to teach this art, especially if it will not be useful in society.

Cursive No longer Being Taught in Schools

Although still taught in some schools, it is not compulsory. Cursive is not taught in schools where there is an emphasis on computer skills. Fortunately, this does not mean that writing is no longer taught, but the different types of styles have been kept as a preference over cursives. There was an argument stating that slanted writing was not beneficial. Although the mental alertness of those using cursive was higher than when typing, it was concluded that there were less time-consuming means of helping the students to be more alert by improving brain function.

The other reason was that it does not prepare the student for society. This is because society is now leaning towards the computer age, emphasizing fewer academics but other social abilities. It has resulted in the focus of preparing students for society in a manner in which they will become useful with updated and relevant skills. One of these skills is writing using emails, type using the computer, and using digital signatures.