Helping Your Child Write Their Own Book
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Helping Your Child Write Their Own Book

Most parents, if not all, desire that their children develop an interest in writing books from a tender age because by doing that, this will be contributing to the child’s future success as a student and as an adult while teaching them how to express themselves. Teaching children how to write triggers an interest in becoming an author, and what parent doesn’t want to imagine their child becoming one of the greatest authors in history. Children that can write books are by far more creative than the rest and this surely contributes a lot to their grades in school.

Introducing your child to children’s book, undoubtedly, people don’t develop a passion for something without exposure first. For a kid to want to write a book he first has to have read one that he found captivating. Expose kids to books from a young age, beginning from that age where he can’t read a book on their own, read them a short story whenever it is possible.

Exposing your child to new experiences

As children grow older and can read on their own, buy them children’s books, take them to bookstores, libraries or purchase children’s books online. Kids are smart, and they soon get to know what books they prefer. As a parent, you can then let your child know that they too can write their book and that you are going to assist them.

Exposing your child to new experiences and adventures, taking your child out on trips, picnics or even vacations is an even better exposure than reading books. Adventures trigger their creativity and some of them may even be the topic ideas for their book. New experiences may also involve just letting your child interact with other children in the playground regularly where they get to notice details about the environment. Everyone agrees that kids notice much more of the surrounding details than we are aware of, and those are the details that every great writer needs for every great book they write.

Helping Your Child Write Their Own Book

Spelling, grammar, punctuation, knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar will help your child to properly arrange words in sentences then add the correct punctuation. This will allow them to communicate effectively. You can teach your child this by encouraging them to keep a list to hand of the correct spelling of words that are commonly misspelled, use mnemonics for words that are particularly difficult, relying on technology to help them notice any grammatical error, and get into the habit of using a dictionary regularly.

New vocabularies, young children acquire vocabulary indirectly, first by listening when others speak or reading them, then by using words while talking or writing. As children begin to read or write, they acquire more words through understanding what they’re reading then incorporating them into their speaking or writing.

Suggesting topic ideas for your child, sometimes your child may still find difficulty beginning, when that happens you could start by suggesting simple topic ideas that he could write about. Assist them to find one that is easier to work with. Some topic ideas for kids include: friends, family, movies, pets, homes, food, cars or even sport. With time, you may find that your children can pick a topic by themselves. Children have good imagination, for this reason, creativity may come naturally early on. It is no surprise that children write books that can be published, just as adults.