How to develop a minor character
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How to develop a minor character

Characteristics are traits that make a place, person or thing to differ from each other. Some of a person’s characteristics are, honesty, caring, loving including all good qualities in a person. Child characteristics are qualities associated on how children think, do their things among others. When writing a child character, you have to remember that children are different from adults and make it to be special in a way. The attributes of a child should be cared for and developed well since children will learn from it hence having either a positive or negative impact.

Writing on child’s attribute you have to recognize that children are unique in nature, have different goals, passions including other traits. Below are some tips on how to develop a minor character. Minor characters should be constant in the whole story, this is a vital element when creating and developing a character. The writer is encouraged to make sure that the actors maintain their characters, should not play a contradicting role which might be difficult for a person to remember. The consistency will help a person with more characters to keep track of every character as well as making it easier for the readers.

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Children characters in the story can be given a reason as to why they may participate in a play. These characters should only be introduced to a novel if there is a reason to avoid unnecessary personalities. If not thought, people may end up using minor characters for a wrong reason. For instance, a minor can be used for diversification, which may lead to offending the readers.

Employ techniques that can help in remembering absent children characters since they are always forgotten when their part ends in the play or story. For people to remember, the following points can be helpful, create a scene where other characters can bring in the previous scene which had a child. Make sure that underage characters appear more frequently, this will bring out the importance to the story will help readers to remember.

How to develop a minor character

It is of great importance when developing underage character to be very realistic and do not make them to be more perfect than normal or too complex to digest. A person should not be overwhelmed when developing a trait because you can complicate things which will give your readers difficulties. This may also lead to more consumption of your time, while trying to come up with traits that are even not of a main player.

Along with their role within the story you can consider their role outside the society too. For instance, you can ask yourself questions like, what do children do when they are not assisting the main character, how do they spend their free time. This will help you give a minor an impressive role and improving the approach of their personality. A young character can be used to determine the behavior in different cases and it can also be an indicator of loyalties. For example, some can betray their family to achieve their goals.