Tips to prepare a vegetable Garden
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Tips to prepare a vegetable Garden

A kitchen garden is important whereby you can plant your vegetables, you do not have to go to the market to buy them. Save more of your time since things are located within your reach. Farmers use chemicals to boost the quality of products, when you grow them in your garden vegetables are good for consumption since little, no chemicals were used during their growth. You can start a business to earn extra cash through supplying people with some vegetables planted in your garden.

Choose the location where you want your garden to be sited, locate it near your house. The size of the piece of land does not matter, it can be small or big it is up to you to decide what size works best for you. Decide the different types of vegetables to plant in your garden those you have always wanted in your garden, you can plant cabbages, tomatoes, kale, spinach, beetroot and others. Make sure your garden has different varieties of vegetables to improve its value and have enough supply of all that are needed.

Get all the tools that are

Plan all the things that need to be worked on to make your garden successful, they have to be easy to follow and implement. A good plan will provide direction during the entire farming season, it is easy to follow a plan to make thing work better for you. Do the necessary tests to the soil in your garden to find out level of pH, becomes easy to know which fertilizer to use and the ones to avoid for better results. Soil Testing gives the knowledge about the condition of your soil, whether it is infested with diseases or not.

Get all the tools that are needed for farming, operations cannot be successful without tools needed like spade, rake, slashers and others. Prepare your garden soil so that when planting season comes, you will not have any difficult in doing the job. Acquire seeds or seedlings for your garden, choose seeds that are viable to get healthy plants. Preparations of the seedbeds are done few months to planting, this gives the seeds time to germinate and grow to sizes that can be transplanted to the main garden. Seedbeds should be prepared in a nicely prepared ground and shading has to be provided.

Take care of your plants whereby

After the seedlings are ready to be transplanted, plant them in your kitchen garden. This has to be done in the rainy season since they are not used to harsh climate as in the seedbeds. Enough supply of water should be provided to make sure they grow to be healthy plants and produce good products. Spacing while planting has to be observed strictly to make sure plants are not competing for light, minerals, nutrients in the soil as some will have stunted growth. In short rains, provide mulch to the plants to help with conservation of moisture so they cannot dry up. Moisture is good for plants to grow faster and healthy since most activities carried out by using water.

Take care of your plants whereby you get rid of pests, parasites in the garden to provide better environment for the plants. Weeding should be done time to time to ensure plants are not competing for nutrients them as they occupy so much space. It is important to carry out that process since weeds can cause some diseases to affect the plants. Nurture your plants well until they mature to become something edible. Work put in place is tiresome but at the end it will be worth it, the fruits of your labor will be sweet. After maturity of the crops, harvesting is done whereby all the crops are ready to be eaten, sold to make money.

Tips to prepare a vegetable Garden

Starting a garden requires you to have a plan to lead the way to achieve your dreams. The plan has to be followed strictly to the letter, observing all the requirement for the development of the garden for better results. Plants do not grow overnight, be patient and watch as your plants develop from seedlings to mature, healthy plants. Choose a good location that will not stress you in terms of pests, parasites, distance from your home to utilize all available resources. The garden should be around your home to reduce the distance spent walking to the garden. Taking care of the plants cab be done regularly, your spare time will be in the garden.

Do not plant your seedling during dry season, timing has to be right. Planting during the dry season will result to seedlings weathering, they are not used to the harsh conditions. You can use manure or fertilizer during planting to supply the seedling with nutrients to boost their growth hence good performance of the plant. Harvesting should be done to ripe and fully grown products only, wait until others have matured fully to be harvested.