Why Children Books are the new Hollywood
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Why Children Books are the new Hollywood

Children’s books have become the new wave in the celebrity world. There are various speculations as to why celebrities have decided to write children’s stories. Some believe that celebrities can get publishing deals easier because of their star power than ordinary writers that do not have the fame platforms. Publishers are more likely to gamble with a popular person because the fan base can sell millions of books. That is not the case with some well-known popular celebrity writers and upcoming ones. The Black Panther star, for instance, published a children’s book that is now doing well in the market. She says her inspiration to write the book comes from her childhood.

Growing up as a dark skin little girl, the writer says there were no books or television personalities that she could relate to. Every book she read had fair-skinned characters, which made her believe that being dark was something not to be admired. A lot of effort was put in by her to unlearn the past and accept herself for who she was. The author, therefore, saw it fit to write a book so that any child who looks like her could relate to and not feel unwanted. Things have changed since then about how people approach color-ism due to the availability of diverse representation in the mainstream media and books.

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Viola Davis’s sequel to a children’s book is also inspired by her cultural heritage and the need for representation in books from an early age. Perceptions about reality are formed at an early age, and whatever they read will determine their future. This is the driving force of most authors, especially celebrities, because people in society idolize them. The need to stay relevant is another reason why celebrities are writing children’s books. Parents are more likely to sacrifice what they have to buy books for their young ones. This is a genre that cannot be outdated, making it a place for investment. It is the surest way to continue earning money even after television and cinema jobs are gone.

Financial security is a factor that a lot of individuals desire, celebrities being no exemption. Their names sell books as it is easy to have celebrities on talk shows with unknown authors. Another key factor is that people buy books based on the name of the author and its popularity. It is not difficult to sell a movie star’s book, which in return earn the royalties. Others are writing books as a form of legacy, words last forever, meaning their future generations will have something to remember about their parents. These kinds of books are more likely to sell internationally, sometimes not based on quality but star power. They get attention in supermarkets and book stores, giving them top priorities where customers can easily access.

Why Children Books are the new Hollywood

Despite all the huge success in this sector, some publishers and critics have found celebrity books misleading. The argument is that it propagates the narrative that they are the only best books one could get a hold of. Millions of authors have been ignored, not getting a space to showcase their work fairly.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that as the hype continues, other books should also be given equal opportunity. This is not to say that there is something wrong with books by celebrities, but it emphasizes that other books exist. Celebrities may sometimes write books from a selfish perspective that will present a biased opinion to the readers. Parents need to be careful about the type of literature they expose kids to. An unbiased assessment should be done before accepting any literature. Children are prone to imitate what they see, which means that when a popular person writes a book and does not live right, then the message passed will not be well-received.

With all things in consideration, the children’s books genre will still be a field celebrities will continue to explore due to its immense success. It is up to readers to decide what type of books and authors to buy from, whether they appeal to their interests is for them to determine. Celebrities are writing more captivating books, and so are other writers.